ACVS 2019 - CelloVet works....

octubre 26, 2019

We heard a very interesting resident talk at American College of Veterinary Surgeons symposium in Las Vegas 2019 on CelloVet use in 6 research cats at the University of Georgia.

In this study, 6 cats had their external iliac vein banded with CelloVet, whilst the contralateral vein had a sham dissection performed. CT angiogram was then performed post op, 2, 4 and 8 weeks later. Results were variable between animals, but 3/6 had complete attentuation at 8 weeks, 2 had moderate attenutation, and 1 cat had only mild attenutation. One cat which had complete attenuation at 4 weeks, with regression to moderate attenuation at 8 weeks. 1 cat only every had mild attenutation at every time point. All cats had histopathology performed at 8 weeks and all have evidence of a consistent foreign body reaction, perivascular fibrosis and none had evidence of vessel patency, despite CT angiograms to the contrary.


What does this all mean? CelloVet is real cellophane and is definitely causing the histopathological changes we want to see in vivo that cause slow vascular attenutation of PSS, but there does appear to be some intersubject variability in response and differences between CT results and microscopy. Further studies are being sponsored by CelloVet to help answer these questions. Stay tuned!