CelloVet+ application instructions

CelloVet+ (plus) is a prototype biocompatible, autoclavable, cuttable and reprocessable polymer thin film designed to help reinforce the original CelloVet product line and obviate or reduce the incidence of cut through from hemostatic clips. CelloVet+ prototypes will be made available to new purchases on request and your feedback is appreciated.


  • Cut the CelloVet+ to desired length and width pre-op or intra-op.
  • General sterilization and packaging recommendations for CelloVet+ are the same as for CelloVet.
  • Instructions for use are detailed in the sketch below. 
  • Apply the combined CelloVet+ and CelloVet around shunt and clip in place, as you would normally.
  • Trim any excess.


CelloVet+ (plus) instructions for use