You spoke. We listened. Upgraded products on their way!

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We have always stuck to our founding philosophy that pure, uncoated cellophane is an appropriate means of shunt attenuation in many instances, however recently we have had to rethink that due to continued reports of cut through of hemostatic clips through the CelloVet at the time of surgery.

Initial reports of this phenomenon prompted the development of CelloVet+ reinforcement polymer and removal of the desiccant gels in our packaging, which worked well as a stop gap solution but still seems to have its flaws. 

We have worked hard with our manufacturing partner to isolate and troubleshoot the short comings of the uncoated product, and in the end we have agreed that we have a Goldilocks relationship with environmental moisture - too little and we end up with brittle, cracking cellophane and then too much causes softening and cut through.

In close association with our manufacturing partner, we have developed a line of CelloVet cellophane with a new biocompatible polymer coating which will reduce environmental moisture absorption, increase heat resistance and deformation in the autoclave and provide a more consistent, longer shelf life product. For the purists, we will continue to sell uncoated cellophane at a reduced cost. 

These improved products will be available in the next 1-2 months once they complete their in house testing.

In the meantime we will only sell our current uncoated cellophane stock if you contact us directly at

If you have recently purchased our cellophane and have experienced any issues, please contact us and we will replace your faulty stock with new coated cellophane when it becomes available.

Thank you all for you feedback and allowing us to continue to improve.


Tim Preston

CEO and founder