How to tell the difference between real CelloVet cellophane and the imitators

junio 16, 2016


We made a little video to help you differentiate CelloVet cellophane from the imitators. As we discussed in our previous blog post, not all cellophane is really cellophane. 

At CelloVet we have sourced a pure product, free from any layering with plastics or other materials. We supply regenerated cellulose as a thin film which is what cellophane truly is. 

When you go to the store to buy a pack of cigerettes, or to the florist to get some flowers to source your "cellophane" you are extremely unlikely to get real cellophane, unlike what we are able to supply at CelloVet for several reasons. 

Firstly, in the cellophane manufacturing process, regenerated cellulose is extruded into thin films. Now, for almost every conceivable industrial packaging requirement, pure cellophane is inappropriate. For example, pure cellophane is not heat sealable, is not FDA approved for contact with foods and is highly permeable to humidity and water. This means that pretty much any "cellophane" you come across in the hobby store, supermarket or elsewhere is likely treated with some form of plastic layering to improve its usefulness as a packaging material. Furthermore, nowadays the genericized term "cellophane" means that in most cases, what is sold as cellophane is really a polyolefin, polypropylene or polyester which are all plastics.

So how do you tell the difference between real cellophane sold by CelloVet and these imitators?

1) Real cellophane has a microscopic fiber pattern with striations

2) Real cellophane will warp and curl in the presence of humidity and warmth

3) Real, uncoated cellophane tends to be tacky to the touch

4) Real cellophane will burn like paper. There is no bubbling, blistering or melting

5) Real cellophane has a distinct spectroscopic fingerprint, but you need to have a really fancy degree and a big grant to use such a device. 

Why take the risk for reactions and inconsistent shunt attenuation in our dog and cat patients anymore? CelloVet has gone to great lengths to source a pure, untreated, regenerated cellulose thin film for veterinarians. This gives you the peace of mind that you have an implant that will perform as expected in vivo. No more runs to the store to buy cigarettes for the packaging. Just remember to keep CelloVet in stock.