How to sterilize CelloVet products

Your options for sterilizing CelloVet products include autoclaving or EtO. 

Autoclaving recommendations for cellophane products are as follows (CelloVet, uncoated & coated):
1) Soak the CelloVet Cellophane in DISTILLED water for 5 minutes, then gently wrap in open pore gauze and place in pouch for autoclaving.
2) Use an autoclave profile set at 15 minutes at 121 C (250 F). Make sure there are as few items in the autoclave during cycle as possible to prevent moisture collection. 
3) Do not activate a dry cycle. Remove from autoclave and leave to air dry.
4) Use the CelloVet within 12-24 hours of autoclaving. 
Do not flash sterilize.


Autoclaving recommendations for CelloVet+ are as follows:
1) Use an autoclave profile set at 3-5 minutes at 132-135 C (270 -273F).
2) Regular dry cycle is OK. 
3) Shelf life is indefinite and sterility should be maintained for 3-6 mo depending on your hospital protocols. 


Ethylene oxide gas sterilization recommendations (CelloVet uncoated & coated, CelloVet+):
1) Use regular cycle. 
2) Use the CelloVet within 1 week of sterilization.


EtO is a low temperature alternative and at the moment is considered the most consistent means of sterilizing the CelloVet cellophane products.
Do not re-sterilize if placed in contact with bodily fluids or used in a patient.
Single use only.
Please test our product for durability and malleability in your sterilizer of choice.