Problems with your CelloVet payment using credit cards?

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We have had several clients report issues when trying to make CelloVet purchases using credit cards. This blog will help reduce the chances of card rejections.

1) Make sure your details are correct and match the card holder details exactly.

2) We use Stripe, an industry standard, encrypted payment provider. Because we are an Australian company, our Stripe account is in Australia. This means that your credit card company may flag your CelloVet purchase (especially if this is your first time) as a potential fraudulent transaction. We have found this to be particularly common with US credit cards issued by banks. If you have a US credit card and are certain the details you entered are correct, it is most likely that YOUR BANK, not our payment provider has rejected the transaction. Call your bank to let them know you are trying to make an international purchase and you won't have this issue again.

3) So what if your bank is closed or not willing to allow the transaction? Use PayPal! The PayPal express link in the checkout allows you to enter your credit card details without requiring a PayPal account. If you want to use a PayPal account you already have, then go ahead and log in.

Taking these steps will allow you to make your purchase with ease. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Tim Preston