Reports of clip cut through during surgery

July 19, 2017

Dear customers,

We have received feedback from clients around the world about CelloVet failure during surgery. It appears that during attempts at clipping the cellophane band in place to itself, the clips are cutting through the product. Clients have reported this occurs even after appropriate folding, autoclaving and storage of CelloVet.

If you have had any similar issues with the product in recent months, please reach out to us and report it. We are investigating the issue further and believe the issue may be related to the product batch nearing its end of shelf life. This unfortunately is a side effect of having a pure cellulose based cellophane. 

We can assure all customers that once we have a solution, we will happily ship out new replacements at no charge. 

In response to these issues, we encourage clients to avoid using the product until informed otherwise. 



Tim Preston, CEO


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