Instructions for use:
Cellophane banding for portosystemic shunts

These instructions are for application of CelloVet cellophane bands around portosystemic shunts in dogs and cats.


1: CelloVet cellophane for banding congenital liver shunts is provided in a moisture and light resistant bag with a single silica gel dessicant to prevent spoilage. The cellophane is supplied non-sterile. Keep out of light and ambient humidity. Only remove cellophane from packaging when you intend to sterilize it for surgery in the immediate future. When stored properly an approximate shelf life of 12 months is expected. 


2: Remove cellophane strip from packaging it was supplied in and place into a double wrapped, self sealing surgical pouch. Do not place multiple pieces of cellophane into individual pouches for sterilizing as they may irrevocably stick together. You may wish to wrap the cellophane in a sterilizable, non-stick material such as gauze to prevent it from sticking to the pouch during autoclaving. Do not sterilize the silica gel dessicant that came with the shipping packaging.


3: Autoclave as per your regular pressure/time profiles. Do not flash sterilize. Do not re-sterilize if placed in contact with bodily fluids or used in a patient. Single use only.


4: When in surgery, roll or fold Cellophane parallel to its fibers and layer (minimum 3 layers) until 2-3 mm wide or to desired width.


5: Pass cellophane around the shunting vessel. Use at least 4 metallic clips in alternating directions to secure free ends. If attenuation of the vessel is required intra-op, we recommend measuring portal pressures to avoid portal hypertension. Attenuation of the shunt may not be required and is at surgeon's discretion.


6: Trim excess cellophane from free ends.